The USF OneCard is a multi-functional card that serves as your official University of Saint Francis ID. The USF OneCard is more than your University ID card, library card and building access card. It is also a debit card with a declining prepaid balance that enables participants to use aux points to make purchases at all campus locations that accept the OneCard. Your OneCard is necessary for accessing residence halls, services at Lee and Jim Vann Library, meal plans, meal points, bookstore points, and aux points. Students, staff and faculty should carry their USF OneCard with them at all times while on campus.

What Those Numbers Mean

USF OneCard

Aux Points

Aux Points can be added to the USF OneCard to be used for retail purchases such as the Campus Shoppe, vending machines, copy services, printing, and for food and snack items in all of the University’s dining areas (this includes Subway and the CyberFresh Cafe). Locations to deposit money for aux points include the Business Office located in Trinity or the cash value machines located in Trinity and Pope John Paul II Center.

Meal Plans

Meal Plans are currently available for resident students and are included in the cost of their room and board fees. They are deposited to the USF OneCard at the start of each semester by Student Life according to the definition of the plan. Meal Plans are only accepted by the USF Dining Services.

Meal Points

Meal Points may be a part of a Meal Plan package and are only used for meals and drink or food purchases provided by the University’s Dining Services.

Bookstore Points

Bookstore Points must be authorized and entered on a student’s USF OneCard by the Business Office. Bookstore Points can only be used in the Campus Shoppe to purchase books, medical supplies, scrubs, polos, lab coats and other educational supplies. These points are based upon a student’s Anticipated Financial Aid Disbursement.

Register your USF OneCard to manage your account online. Once registered you may deposit money, check account balances, view account activity, or deactivate a lost or stolen card. Parents may also add money to your registered account with only an ID number and credit card.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to the USF Security Office at 260.399.7888. Your card may also be reported and cancelled via the web however, you as the cardholder must follow up with USF Security.

Lost or stolen cards are subject to a $10.00 replacement fee.